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Oil on Board

Peabody’s Graceful Naiad

By Lissa Abrams

Oil on board

11 inch x 14 inch



Royal Horizon

By Sandi Cienski

Encaustic mixed media

30 inch x 40 inch


Oil on Board

Room with a View

By Craig Haupt

Oil on board

18 inch x 24 inch


Metallic Photographic Paper

Look Up

By Chris Mazmanian

Metallic photographic paper

12 inch x 18 inch


Soft Pastel

January Afternoon

By Mary Ann Clarendon

Soft pastel under museum glass

12 inch x 16 inch


Photo on Canval

Wild Horses

By Bonnie Schupp

Photo on canvas

23 inch x 30 inch


Oil on Board

Fractured Sun

By Craig Haupt

Oil on board

110 inch x 8 inch


Fused Glass

The Sea Inside

By Sarah Pick

Fused glass

12 inch circle


Oil on Board

Pardon Me

By Craig Haupt

Oil on board

8 inch x 8 inch


Oil on Canvas

Creation and Destruction

By Valerie Smith

Oil on canvas framed

36 inch x 42 inch


Oil on Canvas Panel

The Fearless

By Liz Brasser

Oil on canvas framed

22 inch x 31 inch


Oil on Canvas


By Jacob Patton

Oil painting on canvas

36 inch x 48 inch